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Optimizing your Social Media Marketing

Social media is fast becoming one of the most effective platforms to reach your target market. People tend to respond to word of mouth marketing better than a traditional banner adverts. Websites such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are being used more often these days to create more personalized, far-reaching word of mouth advertising. Thus it is important to effectively use different social media to captivate your target audience.

Social media marketing is the process of marketing through social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and YouTube. By utilizing the social aspect of the web, social media marketing is able to connect and interact on a much more personalized and dynamic level than through traditional marketing.

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Dedicated Social Manager

With your package, you will be assigned a dedicated Social Manager who will monitor multiple aspects of your brand’s online presence. These aspects include creation of online content, posting of events and promotions on your behalf, engaging customers on your behalf, answering customer questions, removing SPAM, and tracking the analytics of your online accounts

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Custom Graphic Design

Custom design of social media graphics to maintain your brand image across all of your businesses social media accounts. These graphics include profile and cover photos for Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and LinkedIn. Banners and promotional item design images are also included for use on your social media accounts.

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Content Creation

Unique content creation aimed to focus on your company’s products or services. Content creation includes articles and tips relating to your products or services, promotional items to be posted on your social media accounts, and important updates you need to make your clients aware of.

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Comment Responding

Without a dedicated person to immediately respond to client queries on your social accounts your efforts of engaging and attracting new clients will be lost. Social Media engagement revolves around customer service and response time. Your Social Manager will monitor your social media accounts for comments and questions, and respond on your behalf. If unsure as to the answer to a question, he/she will immediately contact you.

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Real-time Reporting

We will also send you monthly reports on your social media including page insights for Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google+. This will allow you to see who your audience is, when they are looking at your Social Media, and what your clients/potential clients are responding to. This will help you to understand your audience.

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Depending on your package your dedicated social manager will post items on your behalf on your social media accounts at a frequency of once a week, three times a week, 5 times a week, or multiple posts daily.



We specialize in curating content that will increase engagement, reach, and conversions. What about Facebook Ads? Our killer audience-drilldown strategy will grow your target reach like crazy, with the lowest spend possible


Twitter is all about being in the now. We keep you relevant by leveraging #hashtags and @trendingtopics on a regular basis, reaching an ever-increasing audience and growing your follower base.


We specialize in creating a powerful LinkedIn network for all corners of your business. Whether your goal is to promote and market your business, acquire new talent, or expand your online presence, Wired SEO has the tools and knowledge to help you utilize LinkedIn’s full potential.


Pinterest: A highlights reel, an inspiration board, a place to share ideas. We know how to present your products and services as “pin-worthy” and can craft boards that generate leads and drive traffic back to your site.


With Instagram, looks do matter. We know how to make your business look good in pictures and video. By pairing graphic design elements with an understanding of your target consumer, we produce visually appealing content that’s able to pull likes from a large audience.


Some SEO firms may tell you Google+ is an outdated social platform, but the Social Media pros at Wired SEO know better. We understand Google+ is built for SEO and can boost your company’s search rankings. Google+ posts are crawled, indexed, and able to pass on link equity, so we ensure your search rankings are reaping the benefits.

Social Engagement

5. It all begins with keywords. Identifying and ranking for the “right” keywords is key to campaign’s success. Targeting right keyword means getting the “right” kind of visitors. Intelligently searched keyword or a key phrase that would improve the website’s conversion – sales or enquiries is at the center point of TOP SEO’s game plan.

Having a strong social media presence allows you to be directly connected with your customers and helps build brand recognition, trust, and credibility. With Social Media services from Wired SEO, your website will see increased traffic while we promote and advertise your brand to stand out above the rest

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